Custom Dentures & Partials

Thomas S. Vince DMD and staff offer professional custom-designed dentures and partials to improve your dental function and aesthetic appearance at a more economical price than dental implants in most cases. Partial and complete dentures provided a tough, removable replacement for missing teeth and gum tissue that enable you to continue enjoying most of your favorite foods.
Thomas S. Vince DMD offers custom dentures and partials in Greensburg, PA
Partial dental plates are an option when a sufficient number of the natural teeth remain firmly seated within the jaw to enable the partial plate to be attached to these teeth.
A complete upper or lower custom denture plate replaces all of the teeth and gum material that were removed to help maintain a natural facial appearance and smile.


We install crowns to replace decayed or damaged tooth material. We remove the affected area and prepare the remaining healthy tooth material to receive the attractive, natural-looking tooth crown. Crowns enable the patient to maintain the strength and appearance of a healthy tooth. The crown is permanently cemented into place on the prepared tooth base to provide a durable, attractive solution. A variety of crown materials are available including tooth-colored porcelain and inert gold.

Root Canals

The Thomas S. Vince DMD Dental Office performs root canal therapy to assist our patients who are experiencing an infection within the tooth’s interior pulp. We remove the infected material, thoroughly clean the interior of the tooth, and replace the hollowed interior of the tooth with an inert material. We then seal the surface of the tooth to effectively prevent bacteria and other substances from infiltrating the interior of the tooth.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a popular and effective option for replacing damaged or decayed tooth material that has been removed. The dental filling restores the function, integrity, and appearance of the tooth. This convenient, economical, and efficient process is typically completed in just one visit. Available filling options include: gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, and various tooth-colored composite materials.
If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, visit Thomas S. Vince DMD to repair it with a dental filling in Greensburg, PA

Tooth Extraction & Removal

While we make every attempt possible to save your teeth, in some cases tooth extraction or removal may be necessary. Teeth that are severely decayed or damaged should be removed as soon as possible to help preserve your overall health and comfort. Additionally, when overcrowding results in tooth misalignment, pain, aesthetic anomaly, or prevents teeth from erupting, tooth extraction may be the ideal corrective treatment.
Thomas S. Vince offers tooth extraction services in Greensburg, PA
It can be extremely difficult or impossible to implement proper oral hygiene practices when the teeth are overcrowded. This inability to maintain proper oral hygiene may lead to the development of cavities and gum disease. Our dental office provides corrective measures to assist you with achieving long-term health for your teeth.
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