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Protect Your Teeth Before Damage Can Happen

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We Can Apply Dental Sealants to Prevent Tooth Decay

Dental sealants are an incredibly thin plastic coating that we brush onto your molars or back teeth. They are the most commonly applied to the chewing surfaces of newly erupted molars. This helps prevent decay from forming on these vulnerable teeth where food tends to settle into the deep grooves. However, dental sealants are appropriate for application to any tooth with deep fissures or pits vulnerable to acid attack. The application of sealants is a simple pain-free process whose benefits typically last for many years.

Who Should Get Dental Sealants in Greensburg, PA, and Beyond?

Both children and adults can get dental sealants in and around Greensburg, PA. However, this procedure is usually performed on children that have not yet endured tooth decay in Greensburg, PA, and beyond. If you or a family member has deep ridges in your teeth, dental sealants can maintain optimal oral health. Residents of Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas trust Dr. Thomas S. Vince for dental sealants.

Seal Out Decay and Prevent Decay with Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are a cost-effective method of maintaining tooth integrity. It strengthens and improves the resistance of the teeth to the naturally occurring acids. These acids form as a result of the interaction between sugars and plaque in the mouth. A variety of oral and topical forms of fluoride treatment are available both in-office and for at-home use. Fluoride treatment is most critical during childhood. However, fluoride treatment benefits adult teeth, as well.

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