Thomas S. Vince, DMD Provides Teeth Cleaning in Greensburg, PA

We Provide Personalized Compassionate Teeth Cleaning

When you need cleaning in Greensburg, PA call Thomas S. Vince DMD. We welcome you to experience the difference that complete dedication to the field of dental and oral health can make. Your smile is the window to communicate with others. Thomas S. Vince, DMD will work with you to give you the best smile possible. Give us a call at (724) 836-2375 to schedule an appointment.

Professional Cleanings Will Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Professional teeth cleaning keeps your teeth and gums healthy in-­between appointments. Cleaning brings the number of bacteria in your mouth down to zero, something that home brushing and flossing cannot accomplish. During the cleaning, the hygienist will check your mouth for cavities and other problems. They will also remove plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from all teeth surfaces. Next, the hygienist will polish your teeth with a gritty paste using a wand that has a rubber tip. Polishing keeps the enamel smooth and keeps bacteria from sticking to the surface.

Meet With Dr. Vince After Your Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Vince will take a final look and discuss any concerns you may have. Dr. Vince will tell you about potential problems and make treatment recommendations. You will also find out if your at-­home care regimen is working or not.

Helpful Dental Information for residents in and Around Greensburg, PA

We offer helpful dental information such as the fact that you need to floss before brushing for any real effect. While we use regular dental checkups to clean teeth, we also use them to educate patients on proper oral hygiene. Patients must brush their teeth twice a day and at least floss once a day in Greensburg, PA, and beyond.

While regular brushing and flossing can help, they are not enough to keep teeth healthy on their own. Scheduling regular dental checkups at least twice a year can prevent any early signs of infection or decay. Do not hesitate to call (724) 836-2375, to schedule an appointment if you live in and around Greensburg, PA. Clients from Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas can ask us any questions about oral health before we begin the procedure.

Schedule an appointment with Thomas S. Vince, DMD for a personalized and compassionate teeth cleaning in Greensburg, PA.