Get a New Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Greensburg, PA

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If you are looking to get veneers in Greensburg, PA call Thomas S. Vince, DMD at (724) 836-2375. A dental veneer is a customizable porcelain shell to enhance the size, shape, and shade of a tooth. Dental veneers are a commonly offered dental restoration by Dr. Vince. If you have chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth, dental veneers may be the proper solution to restore your smile. Consisting of a thin porcelain shell, dental veneers can blend in with your surrounding teeth for a uniform appearance. While altering the size, shape, and shade of your teeth, we can also prevent further damage to the tooth.

Get Natural-looking Lumineers® in Greensburg, PA

Thomas S. Vince, DMD offers the application of Lumineers® –the most advanced tooth veneer system at his Greensburg, PA office. Celebrities around the world trust Lumineers® to achieve a red carpet-worthy smile in just two dental visits.

Lumineers® are the thinnest and most natural-appearing veneers on the market for Greensburg, PA, and beyond. During the application process, you do not need to worry about having your teeth drilled or altered. The Lumineers® are removable at a later time if you so desire. Lumineers® do not damage the surface of your teeth. Enjoy the look of a perfect smile for decades with Lumineers®. Thomas S. Vince, DMD can apply Lumineers brand tooth veneers in Greensburg, PA.

Enjoy Your New Smile for Decades with Porcelain Vaneers

With reasonable precautions, dental veneers can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. While you can eat almost anything you like, it is important to exercise reasonable precautions. Dental veneers are not indestructible. Porcelain is a type of glass and can shatter with excessive pressure. Check-ups and bi-yearly cleanings are still needed to persevere your new smile.

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